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Why Buy at PureGlare?

1. Comparable performance to Original module!

PureGlare lamp module incorporates the lamp bulb and tailor-made designed cage. It gives comparable quality of overall performance to the Original lamp module, including brightness, duration, etc.

2. The widest product coverage:

Out of the current active 3,000-4,000 projector models which need replacement lamps, PureGlare supports more than 2,000 models of projector, and increasing supported models consistently.

3. Fast delivery

The lamps will be delivered to customers within 3 working days after the order is confirmed normally, as long as it's available in PureGlare stock.

4. Best price performance ratio.

The best price performance ratio offered by PureGlare, fulfilling the market needs of high quality lamp modules with lower and affordable price.

5. Stable supply

PureGlare commits a stable supply of lamp modules as there is always a large stock of lamps kept as PureGlare inventory.

6. Low RMA rate

All PureGlare lamp module are through the most rigorous tests of professional lamp manufactures. The quality of PureGlare lamp module is guaranteed.

Why Buy at PureGlare
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